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Circulatory Health

Circulation For Exercise,
Health & Wellness

Discover Why Circulation Is Important For Maintaining Healthy Activity Levels At All Ages
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Balancing Nature & Science

Circulatory issues can be life-altering. That’s why we create high-potency formulations based on nature, and backed by science.
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Understanding Circulation

What Is Circulation & How Does It Become Unbalanced?

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The Importance Of Nitric Oxide

As we age, our body produces less Nitric Oxide. To combat this deficiency, arginine researchers and scientists from leading universities recommend L-arginine supplementation to enhance the body's Nitric Oxide production to reverse the aging process of your cardiovascular system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking Nitric Oxide Infusion?+

Scientists in-the-know have referred to Nitric Oxide as the “Miracle Molecule” for its ability to help with numerous health conditions, from basic skin issues to clearing blocked arteries. The health benefits are endless and the research is still discovering new and exciting ways it assists the body.

Are there any circumstances where it is recommended or advised not to take Nitric Oxide Infusion?+

Pregnant women are not advised to take L-arginine because research, as with children under the age of 18, has not been conducted.

There's nothing wrong with me. How will it benefit me?+

As we age we become depleted of Nitric Oxide which can cause us to lose youth and vitality in a variety of ways and areas. Often without us even being aware until symptoms arise or it’s too late. Nitric Oxide’s main function is to keep us healthy and strong through highly oxygenated and nutrient dense blood to every corner and cell of the body. Nitric Oxide Infusion replenishes this depletion. So how can we all not benefit from having an abundance of this Miracle Molecule in our body?

Is Nitric Oxide Infusion safe to use?+

Ingredients in Nitric Oxide Infusion have a history of safe use. As Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Ignarro said, "Though Nitric Oxide's structure is simple, it is now regarded as the most significant molecule in the body, absolutely crucial to your well-being. I am convinced that nitric oxide can age-proof your cardiovascular system, keeping it much fitter than your chronological age would indicate".

Dr Joe Prendergast, a leading cardiologist and long-time exponent of the use of L-arginine in treating cardiovascular disease, says it's safe to use, including with medications. However, we would recommend consulting a health professional to help monitor prescription medication as lower medication dosages will likely be required over time as the body's systems become increasingly effective and healthier.