About NiOx Infusion


Nitric Oxide Infusion is based on the research of Rainer Borger using science that won a Nobel Prize in Medicine, creating the world’s strongest Potentiated Nitric Oxide Precursor.

Why is this important for you?

Our unique POTENTIATED formula boosts Nitric Oxide duration from around one hour (as with most other products) to between 12 to 14 hours. This means the Nitric Oxide works many times longer in your blood and therefore increases its effectiveness. 

Nitric Oxide INFUSION is formulated using only the highest medical grade amino acids which means you get the maximum quality and benefit. There are no added extra vitamins and minerals— these are effectively ‘story line’ fillers that are rarely in a sufficient quantity to be of any therapeutic benefit and take the space of what should be for more of the bio-active amino acids working hard for you.


For maximum benefit, NiOx Infusion should be taken before or in between meals. Certain amino acids may compete with l-arginine for absorption, so it is best to separate it from other dietary amino acids. 

All benefits are certainly not lost by taking NiOx Infusion with food or beverages, but benefits may be somewhat reduced. Taking NiOx Infusion 60 minutes before eating food should be sufficient to promote optimal absorption. 

Follow our instructional video to ensure maximum benefits:


For optimum results and 24 hour Nitric Oxide boosts

One serve every am & pm (12 hours apart).

Mix 6g (1 level scoop = therapeutic dose) with water to taste, morning and evening. 

Stir until completely dissolved.


L-arginine, L-citrulline-L-malate, pH adjusting agent (citric acid), natural fruit flavour, beetroot or spinach powder, Thaumatin (natural plantderived, zero Kj/Cal sweetener), natural cranberry or apple juice powder.


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