Our History

NiOx Infusion came to life from the research and inspiration of Rick Morse, who dedicated his life to creating a product capable of improving our overall health and wellness.

Rick’s Miracle - Nobel Prize Science in Action

In December 2000 Rick Morse’s story had begun, he had quintuple heart by-pass surgery, flatlined 3 times in intensive care, then 8-9 years later survived another 4 heart attacks over 18 months, Rick also had 5 stents inserted during this time (all of which re-blocked). After the last heart attack Rick was rushed to hospital and told that half of his heart was ‘frozen solid’ like a brick and he needed immediate heart bypass surgery. His surgeon was doubtful he could get a successful outcome, but immediate surgery was his only (slim) option. After careful consideration, Rick checked himself out of hospital without the operation. He had a plan.

“When I was in hospital being examined before the imminent 4-way bypass operation (the one I chose not to have), the surgeon couldn’t find any veins or arteries to use in the surgery that weren’t compromised. He said he would have to go ahead anyway because I would not survive otherwise. My cardiologist later told me I had the heart of a 90+ year old with barely 24 hours to live.

Luckily, Nitric Oxide was already in his sights. He had just learned of L-arginine and had some delivered only the day before he was rushed to hospital .

He decided to check out of the hospital without the operation and went home to start taking significant amounts of L-arginine.

Within weeks I was walking around almost painlessly (I had struggled to cross the room before). In only a couple of months I was capable of fairly intense physical exertion. After eleven months by request of the surgeon, I had another angiogram. He was dumb-founded by the results!

With a look of total amazement and bewilderment he exclaimed I didn’t need an operation, that he had never seen anyone reverse their CVD in all his 35 year career as a surgeon, and that I was a ‘Miracle Man’.”

To show you the results clearly Rick allowed us to share his results in the image below.

Richard (Rick) Morse passed away in February 2019, 10 years after he was given only days to live.

In that time, he climbed mountains, travelled the world, rode bikes, swam, run, and most of all played.  

The reason Rick developed the NiOx Infusion formula was so that as many people as possible people could start reversing ailments and live life to the fullest.

Rick’s research in developing NiOx Infusion

NiOx Infusion became a reality because all of Rick’s research uncovered that none of the existing manufacturers appeared to understand the importance of, or followed, the best/latest research on what achieves the very best results.

There are six key issues that set us apart from the others: quality materials, amino acid ratio, content/fillers, marketing claims, price and effective results.

QUALITY MATERIALS: It's impossible to tell the quality of raw materials used in others' products, except we suspect to achieve price points that the highest quality and the most expensive, natural 'medical grade' is not used by many/any.

NiOx Infusion prides itself on utilising the best quality medical grade ingredients and our assumption is that other products more commonly use next quality 'food grade' based upon the price they market their finished product. Our assumption is also supported from anecdotal evidence provided by customers who have begun using our products and achieved markedly better results than they were previously.


The L-citrulline/L-arginine ratio is also critical to maximizing health improvement outcomes. As you can see on the comparison chart to chart, the ratios between these two amino acids vary between brands. We've had extensive discussions with Rainer Böger, the world's leading researcher and scientific publisher into L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, about his research and conclusions on this matter and have followed his advice in developing the ideal formulation for NiOx Infusion, which is why our customers achieve the results they do. Our formulation has a one-third/two-third ratio ensuring our product is the the World’s Most Powerful & Effective POTENTIATED NITRIC OXIDE PRECURSOR

CONTENT/FILLERS:Virtually every other product includes other ingredients touted as necessary/helpful to the end result. When you line all these side by side the variation in what they claim is necessary/useful is as wide as it is shallow. While a case can be built to include at least some of them the fact seems totally missed that none of them are ever in sufficient quantity to equal a therapeutic dose. This begs the question: why include them at all?

At the advertised levels, these other ingredients are just hype—less expensive 'fillers' that allow the price to appear cheaper, but are only a slight-of-hand trick. Fillers, of whatever ilk, are only there to reduce the overall cost (and always at the expense of the quality of the end result).

MARKETING CLAIMS: When you read their blurb and know how to examine their content the two are hardly

recognisable. And it's hardly a level playing field. As an Australian company we are bound by the toughest laws in the world when it comes to claims we can make, however we can compare our formulations and ensuring we follow the research of Rainer Böger, we know that consumers of our products will have increased outcomes compared to other products on the market.

PRICE: This is closely linked to the first three points. However, when the sums are done to compare apples with apples, the real cost places us way in front. See the chart.

EFFECTIVE RESULTS: In the end, this is what consumers want to understand and we have had significant feedback from consumers outlining results they are achieving across a range of ailments using Niox Infusion far in excess of any of the other products they have tried before. Other products may appear to cost a little less initially, but the Niox infusion formulation ensures the very best results possible.

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