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World Record Achievement from Dr Helen Allison

by Darren Irwin 13 Jun 2024 0 Comments
World Record Achievement from Dr Helen Allison
We always love consumer feedback, but especially love it when there are World Records attached. We would love to put out a huge congratulations to Dr Helen Allison, who has just achieved not one, but 3 World Records at the CMAS Freediving World Cup Philippines :

1. CMAS Masters M3 monofin (CWT) 50m
2. CMAS Masters M3 bifins (CWTB) 51m
3. CMAS Masters M3 Free immersion (FIM) 50m

This on the back of breaking the world record and National Record for Australia in Constant Weight (monofin) for female Masters category 70+ age a few weeks earlier. Such a sensational effort!!

As for our small part, we love the feedback Dr Allison provided in regard to our Nitric Oxide Infusion product:
"The Nitric Oxide Infusion gives me more energy and I did not experience the lactic acid build up in my legs that I had previously when using bifins at depth.
My goal for the next championships will be to increase my depth to 60+ m, so I will continue taking the Niox Infusion. I am keen to try some of your other products too."

The Niox Health team are right behind you Dr Allison and wish you the best for your next record attempt at the CMAS World Championships in Kalamata, Greece, in October this year
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