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Nitric Oxide Sports Infusion

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SPORTS INFUSION is the culmination of extensive research into how the body can maximise its capacity to function more effectively to achieve greater and more sustained energy output, STAMINA , PERFORMANCE, STRENGTH and RECOVERY 

Sports Infusion uses specially balanced ratios of medicinal grade, natural amino acids totally free of stimulants of any kind including caffeine, guarana or any banned or harmful stimulant or substance.

This is achieved naturally by:

  • enhancing the blood’s capacity to carry larger amounts of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to every cell in the body,
  • assisting a more effective elimination of urea, promoting quicker recovery and activity turn-around times, enabling quicker, natural healing, and
  • in many athletes, promoting a natural boost in overall sense of wellness and energy that leads to better performance.

What’s also really exciting is that these potential improvements are totally legal as the ingredients in Sports Infusion are not listed as banned substances on the WAPA website.     

Read the Sports Infusion science page to see the kinds of improvements achieved under clinical trial conditions.


How does Sports Infusion assist STRENGTH, STAMINA, PERFORMANCE and RECOVERY?

Sports Infusion significantly impacts the blood’s capacity to carry a maximum load of both oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body resulting in greater muscle STRENGTH, increased endurance and STAMINA, greater PERFORMANCE return for effort, as well as reduced fatigue and higher RECOVERY rate, with a result of a measurable and valuable increase in performance as shown in clinical trials.

When should I take Sports Infusion—before, during, or after exercise?

Sports Infusion is best taken up 15-30 minutes prior to each exercise, training or competition.

How will I benefit from taking Sports Infusion?

Everyone who is looking for increased Strength, Stamina, Energy and Recovery through all exercise and sports, regardless of fitness levels, will benefit from taking Sports Infusion.


One serve up 15-30 minutes prior to each exercise, training or competition.

Mix (1 level scoop) with water to taste.


L-arginine, L-citrulline-L-malate, pH adjusting agent (citric acid), natural fruit flavour, beetroot or spinach powder, Thaumatin (natural plantderived, zero Kj/Cal sweetener), natural cranberry or apple juice powder.