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Colon Cleanse

Advanced intestinal cleanse plus microbiome/probiotics support

Feeds and may normalise the gut

Assist with weight reduction

Lower the Glycemic Index

Clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels

Natural Dark Plum/Prune Flavour


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Colon Cleanse


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Colon Cleanse’s proven prebiotic effect assists with optimal digestion and feeds the good bacteria in the gut which then reduces the inflammatory bad bacteria.

Colon Cleanse is a natural food containing a broad spectrum of dietary fibres and micronutrients that assist maintenance of the vitally important intestinal microbiome while assisting to normalise blood glucose levels.

The soluble and insoluble fibre in Colon Cleanse is balanced to exercise your total gut resulting in a physical interaction with the intestinal lining that is essential for good gut health.

By mixing Colon Cleanse with your food it has been found that it lowers blood sugar levels after meals and is proven to lower the glycemic index (GI) of foods.

Approximately 80% of sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) have reported a markedly improved condition. Some people, however, have required initially taking very small, and slowly increasing, their dosage to achieve the same results.


What is Colon Cleanse?

Colon Cleanse is a natural food containing a broad spectrum dietary fibre blend and micronutrients that assist maintenance of the vitally important intestinal microbiome, while helping to normalise blood glucose levels.

Being a mixture of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, and resistant starch means associated nutrients and waxes that are naturally occurring in the plants are still present in Colon Cleanse. This mixture of fibres is consistent with many natural vegetable sources (approximately 3:1 insoluble: soluble dietary fibre).

Most importantly Colon Cleanse is a complex food not just an artificial fibre boost like many of today’s supplements.

Complex foods are very important to our health. Highly processed foods common in today’s society are examples of simple, non-nutritious non-complex food substitutes.

How does Colon Cleanse assist with weight management?

Independent dietitian-controlled trials found that Colon Cleanse assists with weight management.
 Colon Cleanse has several ‘modes of action’, including making the person feel ‘full’ (satiated) and this in turn triggers the brain to ‘switch off’ the hunger desire.

Lowering the GI of foods helps reduce cravings and the micronutrients enables food to be properly processed.

Why is bowel regularity important and how does Colon Cleanse assist?

Regular bowel movements are important to maintain a healthy regime, and yet constipation and incontinence are two of the biggest health complaints in the modern world. The problem is particularly prevalent in women (up to 30% of Australian women complain of constipation) and it’s a major issue in women who are otherwise healthy. It is important to note that ‘being normal’ may vary from several bowel movements per day to one every one or two days, depending on the individual.

A clinical trial showed Colon Cleanse improved the consistency and softness of a person’s stools and significantly helped them achieve regular bowel movements. Having waste move quickly through the bowel has been shown to minimise many adverse health conditions and restrict the absorption of unwanted biochemicals, like cholesterol.

How does Colon Cleanse assist with Blood Sugar Levels (BSL)?

Colon Cleanse has been proven to help people control and manage their Blood Sugar Levels. It is natural for blood sugar (glucose) to continually rise and fall throughout each day. After eating and during exercise (as the body converts fat to sugar for the cells to use) the BSL will rise and (depending on fitness) will drop back to normal levels as we recover. This is normal although some people experience abnormal highs and lows. Colon Cleanse reduces the ‘highs' and raises the ‘lows’ for people who can benefit from that assistance. Colon Cleanse has been shown to also reduce both the instantaneous BSL levels (measured by sampling a drop of blood at a finger) and also the long term ‘average’ BSL as shown by measuring the amount of glucose that is chemically bonded to haemoglobin molecules in our bloodstreams. This universal measure is called the HbA1c and is typically taken every 3 months for those who need to continually measure their BSL.


12 YEARS+: One or two rounded scoops per day before or during a meal.

5-11 YEARS: Take one serve before or during a meal.

Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

For GENERAL GUT HEALTH add one rounded scoop into a glass and add approximately 250ml of water or add to your favourite fruit juice, smoothie or yoghurt.


Sugarcane stalk (sugar removed),

Red Sorghum,

Potassium bicarbonate,

Citric Acid, Guar Gum,

Xanthan Gum,

Natural Plum/Prune Flavour,

Natural Colour,

Thaumatin (natural, plant-derived, zero Kj/Cal sweetener),